my girls are my father's day gift

I’m a forty-something guy who has been loved, dumped, hired, fired, appreciated, dogged, and reinvigorated.  I’m thankful for second chances and second helpings of veggies.  My friends know they can count on me for an honest opinion.  My former bosses never liked that side of me.  Now I own my own business, TriDigital Solutions.  We manufacture, package, and fulfill CDs and DVDs for corporate clients around the country.

 I vote and know my vote counts on Election Day.  I wonder if my views are really represented after the election.

I’ve been married for nineteen years.  It seems like we’ve always been together…in a good way.  My wife is my love.  She’s beautiful, smart, and she loves me in spite of my odd tendenies.  She is away at grad school for the next two years.  I help in every way I can.   I’m raising our daughters and holding down the fort.  Our girls are 13 and 17 and 26.  Alexis, 26 is grown and living in Denver.  The younger two have devoted all of their dreams and spare time to ballet.   Hence the title of the blog.   I support them every way I can.  I know it’s important to help them live their dream.

I wrote comedy for thirteen years.  I love to make people laugh.   This blog is my take on our corner of the world.  It contains opinions, humor, sarcasm, and maybe a little drama.  Thanks for stopping by.


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